Membership Information



Please fill in a registration form and pass on to a committee member at the Pavilion or send to the Secretary, Colin Parker. 

Registration forms  (different full & associate forms) are available in the Pavilion or request one from the Secretary.

Preferred payment method: by BACS (Bank details on registration form).

Alternatively cash payments accepted at the Pavilion to a committee member, or send cheques to the Treasurer (Terry Needham) payable to Keyworth TTC.


RENEWALS: KTTC Membership fees are due 1st April


You can download a registration form from the Secretary or obtain one from the Pavilion.

Preferred payment method: by BACS (Bank details on registration form).

Alternatively, cash payments to a Committee member at the Pavilion.

For payment details (ie. where to send cheques/bank details for BACS) see registration form.


KTTC Membership Fees 2019-20


KTTC League Players:

Full Member (Adult) £50.00

Junior/Cadet Member (U18) £25.00

NOTE: This fee includes your league registration fee to NDTTA.

NDTTA match fee:



KTTC League Players need to be registered with TTE and pay the appropriate fee.

Please confirm enrolment to Colin Parker (Secretary).


KTTC Associate Member (non League players):

Adult £30.00

U18 £5.00


KTTC Associate members should consider registering for associate membership of the TTE (free) so that the TTE can monitor the number of people playing table tennis. It also entitles members to free public liability insurance. Click on TTE website link below for further details.

TTE fees from 1st August 2018 (2018-19)


ALL LEAGUE PLAYERS MUST also enrol with Table Tennis England and pay the appropriate fee, confirming their TTE membership to the Secretary (Colin Parker), preferably by email.

Your TTE subscriptions are due 1st August - see below (taken from TTE website).


TTE Associate membership: free of charge- register for free public liability insurance

KTTC Associate members should still obtain TTE associate membership (free) as it provides free public liability insurance. This can be done by KTTC if you are unsure how to do this. 

It also enables TTE to monitor the number of people playing table tennis nationally. 


TTE Player Membership

(required for those who play regularly in local leagues or wish to compete in a 1* national competition)

Adult £16

Juniors/Cadets (U18) £8


TTE Player Licence

(required for all players who wish to compete in the British League or national tournaments which are 2* or above)

Adult £38

Juniors/Cadets (U18) £19

TTE renewal can be done by logging into you TTE account.